World Class German Shepherd Breeders in Connecticut

Von Grafenstein German Shepherds our goal is to produce beautiful, intelligent German Shepherds who are genetically sound, physically robust-and who make exceptional working dogs, show dogs and excellent companions. We focus on quality not quantity. We have beautiful schutzhund titled and AKC males and females. Our puppies are home raised and whelped here at our home.




(860) 487-5523

Rebel Yelle kennel and dogs we are a small kennel in rural northeast Connecticut. We strive to breed and work with German Shepherds of sound mind, very good conformation, and above all high drive for the work. Our dogs are suited for all kinds of different dog sports, but also make good companions at home. We selectively breed only a couple of litters a year. We are very selective in the choice of the stud.

Pomfret Center



(806) 315-7445

vom wunderhund German Shepherd Dogs our German Shepherd breeding kennel name is vom Wunderhund, meaning Wonderdog. The name symbolizes how we feel about the German Shepherd Dog and the goal of our breeding program. We are located in Connecticut but serve national and international dog enthusiasts--for home, for work, for dog sport.




(203) 232-8018

Von der Teuth Kennels in Connecticut and Massachusetts work and show line German Shepherd dog breeding, importing and training German Shepherd dogs and puppies for sale. We plan our breeding to produce the best in temperament and versatility. We work hard to find the right breeding partners for our dogs. Our dogs are our companions and live with us in our house.




(860) 208-9468

Totana Piper HIll German Shepherds is based in Connecticut, USA. We were established in 1957 and have dedicated our efforts to owning and breeding sound German Shepherds for home companionship, trainability, and show competition. We have owned and/or bred over 50 AKC Champions and many (V)-rated Shepherds from the German Sieger.




(860) 663-1732

Mystra Shepherds has raised our puppies in a home environment, with an emphasis on socialization. This provides for Mystra Shepherds to have a stable temperament, we breed our dogs for intelligence, devotion, and companionship suited for family. Mystra Shepherds also have the unique characteristics which enable some of our dogs to be specially trained as service dog.




(860) 274-7765

Legate Hill, breeder of German Shepherd dogs a part of our family for over 40 years, the wonderful world of the German Shepherd Dog. Our first puppies were purchased from Germany at the Seiger Show. Our current bloodlines originated on the west coast. We have had several Champions, three Select Champions, Canadian select champion, Maturity Victor, a Grand Victrix, Grand Victor to our credit.

Sandy Hook



(203) 426-0555

Von Rokanhaus German Shepherds we are small hobby kennel located in Canaan, Connecticut. Our goal is to maintain and preserve the working qualities of the German Shepherd Dog. We enjoy a dog that is always ready for fun or work, yet calm in the house or kennel. We like a German Shepherd that is strongly bonded with his owner, shows solid nerve, strong temperament, and is full of character.




(860) 824-5008

German Shepherd Breeders CT

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