World Class German Shepherd Breeders in Indiana

Tori German Shepherd Kennels
We feel The German Shepherd Dog should be a large breed dog - Not medium size breed that is multi task, an unmistakable appearance of quality that is obvious when encountered. Our dogs are very impressive in appearance and highly intelligent, s well as happy, healthy and well adjusted ,with a gentle enough nature to be socially involved with children always under supervision by owner.
ST. Miller Beach IN 46403 Tom & Jeri Meszaros (219) 939-8755

Upton's Indianapolis German Shepherds
German Shepherd Dogs for Sale Upton's offers the finest German Shepherds for sale from our American Championship show lines as well as German imports . Beautiful German Shepherd puppies, and already trained adult German Shepherd dogs for sale. The dog experts in Indianapolis for over 30 Years! Upton's Indianapolis Dog Training, Dog Boarding & German Shepherds.
Indianapolis IN 46203 Paul Upton (317) 359-0383

Sportwaffen K9
Sportwaffen K9 is the product of my lifelong love and interest in dogs. As a kid I'd wake up, and my dog and I would go hiking up into the forestry behind our farm. I loved the outdoors and I loved my dogs so these were the best of times. Watching my dogs, I was always amazed seeing them work in drive and their abilities to effortlessly cover ground, hunt, and sense things I couldn't see.
Indianapolis IN 46203 Nate Harves (317) 965-9742

Dogs Done Right- Lucky Dog Kennels
A training, boarding, grooming, and breeding facility in Indiana. My plan was to raise each dog from young pups devoting myself full time to their obedience training, house training, and the screening of personalities. I carefully chose my breeding dogs from clean lines, dedicated to producing healthy puppies from parents who were tested for breed specific health issues.
Grovertown IN 46531 Rodger & Torri Kollar (574) 952-9679

Von Haus Rauch German Shepherds
We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are pleased that you decided to visit our site. We strive to breed quality German Shepherds that have great personalities and excellent confirmation. All of our dogs are raised in our home with other dogs, cats, and our son so that they are well socialized before going to their forever homes. I'm also a registered veterinary technician.
Indianapolis IN 46203 (317) 377-4656

Von Dietrich German Shepherds
We are a full-service breeding, training, and boarding facility, specializing in breeding, training, and maintaining the standards of top quality German Shepherds. Von Dietrich German Shepherds sell our own top quality AKC-registered puppies. Whether you call them Deutscher Schäferhund, Alsatian, German Shepherd, GSD, we offer the highest quality dogs in the world.
Mooresville IN 46158 Jeff Dietrich (317) 831-1869

At Raebark German Shepherds
All puppies are raised to weaning age inside the home where they are exposed to cats, television, and the sights and sounds of normal living. Once they are of weaning age, they are moved outside where they can have more space and freedom. All puppies are fully vaccinated and dewormed prior to sale. They are individually evaluated as to temperament and structure.
Arcadia IN 46030 Rachel Clark (317) 984-4439

Vom Law German Shepherds
Our goal is to produce superb companion German Shepherd puppies with the drive, focus and confidence needed for work and sport competition, such as SAR or Shutzhund. For this reason we breed only German bloodlines. We also prefer the large boned red & black show-line and do not breed the sable colors. We believe that every dog must 1st be good in the home, loving to people and children, while maintaining the strength with confidence to be the family guardian.
Nashville IN 47448 Carrie or Dan Law (812) 988-8299

German Shepherd Puppies IN.

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