How to evaluate your dog for prey drive

If your dog has a high prey drive, he will show predatory behaviors even if there is no actual prey around. This includes pouncing on and/or shaking toys and intense focus on things that move erratically, such as a leaf falling from a tree or a plastic bag being blown by the wind. Of course, picking birds off the birdbath is also a pretty good clue! The canine personality profile will tell you your dog's prey drive score. The score will give you a good idea of how diligent you need to be with your dogs around small animals.

Score System - 1 is less and 10 is more!

Does your dog...
Sniff the ground or air a lot?  
Get excited my moving objects, such as bikes or squirrels?  
Stalk cats, other dogs or things in the grass?  
When excited, bark in a high-pitched voice?  
Pounce on toys?  
Shake and "kill" toys?  
Steal food or garbage?  
Like to carry things?  
Wolf down food?  
Like to dig and bury things?  

 Total Prey Drive


Prey Drive cannot be eliminated in a dog. It can only be managed. One way to do that is to redirect it to appropriate outlets. The energy has to go somewhere, so you might as well control where it goes. You cannot turn your dog into a predator by playing these games. He already is one.


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